Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Marvel 5

Last piece in the poster and my favorite. Wolverine. Drawing that character felt like a perfectly natural fit. Hell, wouldn't mind doing it again on the regular. Wolverine covers anybody?


  1. The Best Wolverine! I love it!

  2. hey lee, I recently completed a 3d sculpt of your wolverine for a modeling challenge

    took about a month to do but it was a lot of fun, having a great piece of reference always helps

  3. Nice work robo!!!! I really like the face especially. You also really captured the height and stubbiness of his anatomy. SO cool to see stuff like this.

  4. awesome stuff lee, was wolvie in one of your sketchbooks? great to see it large on a monitor! :)

  5. Impresionante Logan. Enhorabuena por tu arte.

  6. hello, pleased to meet you

    nice blogging

  7. you need to illustrate an x-men comic!

  8. Lee, I want to discuss the possibility of commissioning some top dollar art from you. I absolutely love your work, but I cannot seem to find any way to contact you online. If you are interested in hearing about our project, drop me a line.

    Luke Keith

  9. Perfect your Arts! Congrats!
    If you have the time, visit my blog for pictures, I'll be very honored!
    Great big hug and 2011.

  10. Hi Lee,
    This is Jess...
    I must tell your work is impressive, really nice to my eyes.
    Wanna share you some of mine too:

    and i was wondering if you own a facebook account, if theres a page or profile where i can join/add. Pls let me know when u get some time.
    Im in proccess of create a portfolio for my art, so facebook is the so far ive got.

    my email: work is stunning! :D


  11. Hi there, Lee...
    Just thinking you´d like to know...
    I met yesterday brazilian movie director Fernando Meirelles ("City of God") and show some artwork of yours. He love it.
    Well, that´s it...

  12. Btw...
    i would like to draw one of ur masterpieces...
    this one:
    do u mind if i try drawing it again? all in pencil.

    My email:

  13. Celso: LOOOOOVED City of God. That guy is amazingly talented. I appreciate you showing the work around!!

    Jess, don't have a facebook account. Think I'm the last human being not on the social network. Please feel free to draw what you want. Drawing is good for you;)

    Jebel, I think this Wolverine piece was in a sketchbook of mine three or four years ago. Can't remember exactly which.

    More coming soon guys. I have a lot to post but am waiting for the stuff to get solicited. Stay tuned...

  14. This is so incredible, it makes me want to say a few expletives! You are so talented. Wow!