Saturday, January 9, 2010

clowns still scare me

Been so long since I've posted I almost forgot my password to login. The big 'L' is planted firmly on my forehead, I might as well just tattoo it there. Still not much new to post until a few things hit the stands. Got a DMZ piece to show in a few weeks as well as another cover featuring one of my favorite pulp characters. Graphic novel is coming along, slowly (understatement) but surely. It's by far the most 'complete' piece of work I've done.. not sure if that will a good thing or a bad thing. Oh and here is a pic of the amazing Mark Chiarello holding the Wednesday Comics hardcover!!!!

The Carnevale poster was something I did a couple months ago for my father in law, who works in conjunction with the committee that runs Carnevale in the little town my wife was born in, Castelnovo Sotto. The Graphic design was done by Mauro Corradini, who also provided the desing work on the covers to Hellblazer 244-246. The guy is a fantastic local graphic designer and friend. These posters will be plastered all around the cities in the area this month, which will be bizarre to say the least. It's so colorful it almost hurts my eyes, but then again it's Carnevale...whattayagonnado.