Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joker & Lex

This came out yesterday so I can finally post the black and white art for this incredibly fun little short Azzarello and I did. Wish I could take credit for the idea, but that's all Brian. Who can say no when someone calls you up and asks you do do Joker and Lex Luthor in the style of Calvin and Hobbes?!? Gotta say, kudos to the folks at DC for letting us do this and do it right. It's not something people expect from Brian and I, and you have to give credit to the editors who looked at these pages when they came in and didn't immediately think something was rotten in Denmark. So here's a special thank you to Eddie Berganza, Rex Ogle, and Jim Lee for getting our backs with this.

The best thing about doing something like this is the opportunity to pull out the brush and just let it talk for you. No need to clutter things up with rendering or ink wash. Trish Mulvihill did a fantastic job of keeping this simple in color as well. I think the thing this strip does best is showcase Brian's sense of humor and ability to say a lot with very little. Thought about posting the lettered version here, but then my evil, capitalistic instincts kicked in and I realized people should go out and buy the damn thing to get the full effect ,)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mother, Country, and Apple Pie

Finally something new I can post. Mr. Alex Segura over at the DCU blog posted this yesterday along with some other new covers. Tried something new in my process for this piece. Really trying to introduce some softness into my work. Looking back on some older pieces, the harshness and angularity is a bit overwhelming. Although I'm wary of pushing too far in the other direction, I'd like to find a happy medium. Hards and softs that work together in unity without losing a sense of style.

In other news, got something fun to show everyone as soon as Superan/Batman #75 ships.