Wednesday, December 28, 2011

F.A.Q.'s part 2

Posting the link to a video interview I did back in June at the Paris con. It's fairly extensive and may also provide some answers to some other questions people may have. Easier than writing it all down... I'm lazy. Plus this way people can make fun of my inability to talk without gesticulating like a crazy person.

video interview

Looking forward to posting some new stuff, but still can't for a variety of reasons. Soon.....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter is coming...

Cover for Winter Soldier number 3. Don't like this cover for a number of reasons. Won't go into them all here (there's not enough space or time in the day) but thought I'd post anyway. It's as important to call out your failures as it is your triumphs. Best thing about this cover: It REALLY makes me want to put all I've got into the next one.

Definitely good to have something to prove every once in a while.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pop DOES matter

You really wish they were all like this. Gives me faith in journalism is general, and the idea that stimulating conversation can be created even by the most commercial of vehicles. Definitely not patting myself on the back here, simply pointing out that Shathley deserves to be read even more so than my book. Even if he'd trashed the project, I would have thoroughly enjoyed reading his take on it.


Oh, and for anyone that cares, I'm now on twitter if you feel like following the inane and sure to be illegible posts about my various bits and bobs (no, not talking about my genitals).

Monday, December 5, 2011

A new variant cover for Marvel and the second in a series I did for Spider-Man and Dardevil. I feel like this one works in ways the previous one didn't. Not to say it's without faults..... them's a plenty, but I'm much more satisfied with this one.

Things that work:

-Simple sky (sans clouds or other flourishes). Too much background detail. Had to keep that portion as simple as possible, hence the huge sun.

-Spidey's mask. Never quite understood why it's always tucked perfectly into his shirt. It's a separate piece right? Seems to me like he be constantly fiddling with it, like a dress shirt that's just too short to stay tucked in your pants.

Things that don't work.

-Pigeons. Mostly because I hate birds. You can't tell what they're thinking....

-Spidey's right leg. Just looks off to me.