Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bag no longer contains cat......

DC announced my upcoming project, Batman: Noel, on their blog last week. Suffice it to say that I'm relieved I can finally talk about it here without having to use silly insinuations and not so clever wordplay. Check out the link above to read DC's press release including a very kind quote from my editor, the incredible Mark Chiarello.

The project will be released later this year, towards the holidays and is written and draw by yours truly with amazing color work by Barbara Ciardo. If you've seen the work she did over me in Wednesday Comics, this book takes things even further. Couldn't be happier with the colors...

While I still can't show anything substantial, I was given the go ahead to post a tiny little piece of a page for you guys to see. Hopefully it will give people a good idea of the look of the book. Better yet, head over to Barbara Ciardo's blog to see it in color!! Can't say much more, but rest assured you'll be hearing more about this in the coming months. Excited, excited..


  1. Damn, i'm excited for this! can't wait till October!

  2. I picked up your Batman Black and White statue recently (my first statue). An amazing piece that along with this art makes me excited for your next book!

  3. another fantastic looking batman project?! - awesome :)

  4. yes yes yes! I'd bet top dollar that numerous people have had orgasms after reading your post here. Fine job sir! I look forward to purchasing this book.

  5. This looks so amazing. Best Wishes and I hope you are successful!

  6. This is amazing! I am big fan of black and white and this one rocks already! loving it!
    I just saw the colored one and it is a great job, the light sparkles catch my eye, both make a rocking team.

    Keep art coming!!!!!

    PS: i've been busy with work, but soon ill finish the Joker mouth i told u, remember?
    As soon as is done i'm gonna show u, is a fun design to draw :)

  7. I just cant get over how good your work it, the more I look, the better it becomes. I cant belive im in love with paper and ink, I would give anything to get a commissioned tattoo design by you, how freaking awesome would that look!!

  8. Just please don't cover your wonderful draws with too much narration text.

    And must say thay colored version is really far more better han I expected.

  9. This looks gorgeous. I'll be eagerly waiting for the release of that book.
    Also, your take on Bat's costume is the best around!

  10. Hej Lee!!! me again :P
    Passing by to show you my fan drawing :)
    Finally done and smiling with it:
    Im gonna scan it and show u how it looks next week, camera cant catch all my pencil madness :P
    Hope your liking it.


  11. Hey, Lee, it's been a long time.
    I'm excited about Batman: Noel. Congratulations!
    I think the Wednesday comics stuff you did was the best stuff you've ever done. Somewhere on this blog you mentioned pulling back from the hard jagged angular stylization and getting softer. I really dig that direction, where it's more about the balance of the hard and soft. It makes me think of music and how my favorite music strikes a balance of pop and dissonance. There were points in the Joker book where I felt almost overwhelmed with the angular harshness. You revel in a kind of ugliness. It's something I've always liked about you. (That Global Frequency issue still grosses me out) But the Wednesday comics stuff was different. You were reveling in beauty. I'm really interested in how this balance comes through in Noel. I don't want to be presumptuous, but I think it's going to be really good.