Thursday, February 2, 2012

The world is black and white...


  1. I cannot wait to get this series! Always a pleasure to read your colaborations with Brian...

  2. First and foremost You are a master of the arts I adore your comic style and everything about it.
    Second when can we get a preview of this collaboration.
    Also I´d like to ask you for doing a video that shows off your process becuse id like to see how do you make this extraordinary ARTWORK(especally the ink wash deal) =)
    thanks in advance..

  3. Lee....a real long time since that reunion in the buckeye state. your work is something to be proud of!wow! I saw few in grandma and grandpa house.personally I have go with my 4 year old who favors spidey over the dark knight. Anyway, your work is great!