Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter Soldier 5

This is the last of my Winter Soldier covers and probably the last non Rorschach job comic-wise for a while. Hoping to come back to covers with a fresh approach when the book is finished. Feeling the need to shake things up a bit, both technique wise and conceptually.


  1. Wow beautiful colors. I love the progression from reds and yellows to purples and blues in the piece. It's a great cover, overall.

  2. Hi lee

    I'm a new fan of your work i discovered your stuff through "the joker" which by the way was a marvelous piece, but what really caught me was "noel" iv always loved a

    Christmas carol and just as much i have always adored comics so the merging of the two felt like a gift it was truly amazing.

    iv enjoyed trying to be a comic book penciler most my life and recently gained a small break into a new small press story,

    i wont mention any more about that though because i don't want you to mistake this as spam,

    i really just wanted to explain to you how much your work has inspired me to open my eyes again and really start to look at things with a fresh perspective, i look forward to seeing anything you do in the future and i hope that one day i can establish myself the way that you have

    as man that can truly SEE!

  3. p.s iv also always considered Cap to be my ultimate favourite of all comic characters so to see your Bucky (winter soldier) was a privilege