Monday, February 3, 2014

The Captain


  1. Hello !
    I'm sorry to post it here (I don't think it's the right place, actually), but I don't know where else. I tried Twitter but it's not the more practicable way...
    Three months ago, I wrote a kind of poem based on one of your drawings from "Joker". This drawing made me feel a very strange way about this character, like if we suddenly see the humain being jailed in the monster. I felt it before in a scene from The Dark Knight. So I tried to put it into words. It's maybe a foolish action, but I'd like to offer it to you, if you accept it.
    It's in french. I hope you will read it, and maybe like it... It's a gift.

    (I'm posting this without knowing what I'm doing at all. I don't know if people do this in this way.)

    It's here :

    Thank you very much for all you do, and for "Joker" (which is part of what you do... but a bit special for me).


  2. Soo awesome Lee oh god i can´t belive this so awesome art x3!

  3. Wow. Fantastic image Lee. Bravo.