Monday, April 15, 2013

Half Past Danger

This is a variant for Stephen Mooney's HALF PAST DANGER, published by IDW. It's got dinosaurs, thompson machine guns, leather jackets, and pulp..... LOTS of pulp. Don't know about you, but I like pulp in my juice. More comics like this please.....


  1. ehhh one more question, if that's alright

    do you have any copies of your work before they get the ink wash treatment? I love your technique, but the ink wash is a little bit of mystery to me. i've always wondered what the illos looked like before ink wash

  2. this is awesome, lee!

    I've noticed your pencil rednering has become much much smoother than it was in Joker (Joker was still smooth). Are you doing this digitally or has your ink wash technique evolved?

    btw, what does the voice of your joker sound like?