Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rorschach 1 page 9


  1. Hello Lee

    I have the scan of the Rorschach # 1 and loved it. Unfortunately not much comes here in Brazil and the way is to look on the net (sorry for that).
    But I love your stuff and your job is a great inspiration to me.
    I hope one day to have an e-mail her or find him and a convention, so I can show my pages. Your comments would be very important :-)

    Hugs from another fan from Brazil (sorry for bad english)

    1. Well, you can easily order it on Ebay, Amazon or Comixology. I live in Eastern Europe, and here is not a comic store, but I buy online. It's simple...

    2. Yes, easy to buy if you have international card

  2. Excellent! Your work gets better and better. Any chance you'll be doing a signing at New York comic con?? I'm a huge fan