Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Words to live and die by.....

"Let this be plain to all: drawing constitutes the fountainhead and substace of painting and sculpture and architecture.... and is the root of all sciences. He who has attained possession of drawing possesses a great treasure."



  1. Hey Mr. Bermejo! excellent art in this post! (word art to make sure you know I'm not trying to be a prick)

    I was on Deviantart and someone posted a link to this site where they sell oil reproductions of paintings but claim them as their own. here's a link to your famous joker leaving arkham splash page.

    This isn't legal right?

  2. @Lee Bermejo,
    WOW, touchy words. i almost cried!
    U rock!!!

    @Norman, Oh dear lord of drawings! So far i know they are meant to ask the artist for permission, give a % from the selling, as the artwork has copyrights.

    I remember asking Lee for a fan made drawing, which i would never ever attempt to sell or get money from it, coz i respect Lee and the drawing i did was to honor his amazing work and be hanged in my wall to make me smile.