Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catch up

Been a couple of weeks, which means it's high time for a few new posts. Got some stuff I did in San Diego to show in the coming weeks as well as some older unpublished pieces to share. First order of business, though, is to bring people up to speed with Wednesday Comics. Posted here are the black and white versions of pages 3 and 4. Gotta clarify that posting these by no means takes away any of the respect I have for the AMAZING work of Barbara Ciardo who is just kicking ass on the colors. Hopefully, people will dig seeing both versions. I'm very pleased, to say the least, with the work Barbara has done. Can't really say enough about her other than I want to work with her for some time...

Got to finally hear some feedback about Wednesday Comics in San Diego. It's always informative to find out what people think of the work, both good and bad. What's more, working in this weekly format has really taught me a few things about what people expect from the project. I don't necessarily agree with all of it, but it's been a real peep-hole into the mind of the reader. Main thing learned: People are far less patient with the stories in this format. I would have thought that you could do more with your space, play around with the tempo of the overall story a bit more, but it seems as though most readers prefer the pace to remain fairly constant to feel like they've gotten enough bang for their buck. I could totally understand this if we were doing something ongoing, more along the lines of a classic newspaper strip that is fairly open ended. I personally see what we're doing as a finite story, with an ending clearly in sight and that the story should work to satisfy the needs of a WHOLE, not the individual pages. That said, I would love to hear what you guys think about this subject.

Other big thing I learned: Newsprint seems to have darkened almost every body's work. Chi was totally right. Modern comics are far too heavy with their coloring. That said, this sucker is going to look BEAUTIFUL in a big, collected coffee table book.

Oh, and here is an interview I did for ComicVine at the convention. It's really a great site. I was totally unfamiliar with it but hopefully you'll get a kick out of checking them out:


More to come....


  1. Beautifully painted too. Brilliant artwork!
    Your work will forever impress me.

  2. This is beautiful! its some of the best non cover work ive seen from you. Do you use any reference? Once again great work!

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  4. I really enjoy seeing these without the text more than the colors. It allows me to appreciate how telling each panel is on it's own. I love Superman's look of torment and Clark's sulking posture. And all the little details you've got going on in the backgrounds on week 4 in particular are beautiful. Nice use of the larger format.

  5. Andy,
    I do use some photoref. Mainly for buildings, cars, guns, etc. I try to keep the figures ref free unless there is a particularly difficult pose or expression. I consider myself a lazy realist, though. If you really look at the stuff it's pretty wrong. Big chins, big hands....