Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pop DOES matter

You really wish they were all like this. Gives me faith in journalism is general, and the idea that stimulating conversation can be created even by the most commercial of vehicles. Definitely not patting myself on the back here, simply pointing out that Shathley deserves to be read even more so than my book. Even if he'd trashed the project, I would have thoroughly enjoyed reading his take on it.


Oh, and for anyone that cares, I'm now on twitter if you feel like following the inane and sure to be illegible posts about my various bits and bobs (no, not talking about my genitals).



  1. Hi Bermejo! I'm Jack Herbert. I am the artist of the Kirby Genesis series (with Alex Ross). I am Brazilian and I am fan of your work! It is simply amazing!!!

  2. Wow, your appreciation of my writing is too kind, Sir! The work always comes first, and what a work NOEL was. And what a great conversation we had. The feature goes up next week. -sQ

  3. WOW !! two words : Amazing Artist !!