Wednesday, December 28, 2011

F.A.Q.'s part 2

Posting the link to a video interview I did back in June at the Paris con. It's fairly extensive and may also provide some answers to some other questions people may have. Easier than writing it all down... I'm lazy. Plus this way people can make fun of my inability to talk without gesticulating like a crazy person.

video interview

Looking forward to posting some new stuff, but still can't for a variety of reasons. Soon.....


  1. great book, got it for christmas! any suggestions drawing backgrounds?

  2. That book was a nice treat to myself for the holiday. Really, really great.

  3. I had to laugh when I saw your original FAQ post describing your technique back in november. I started this discussion on like two years ago asking members if they knew your technique. I also went to a few local art stores and asked around. I don't why I thought you wouldn't discuss! Haha, should have gone right to the source.
    I like what you said about villains always thinking they are righteous in the video. There were a couple things i'd like to know that didnt get covered though. If I could ask the great oz a few questions though, they would be:
    1. What does your Joker sound like? I always hear willem Defoe's voice when I read Joker and Noel.
    2. How long does it take you to pencil a cover? Perhaps this one I ask because I want to start illustrating professionally but I don't know what type of pace to work.
    3. I struggle drawing things like guns, wrist watches, eye glasses etc, anything with Inorganic (except fabrics). You wrote that you feel the same way as well, yet you're awesome at it! Is there a technique that you use? I could really use some help in that department.
    4. Do you believ that Carlos D'Anda's sexy mofoedness resides in his mustache?

    There are tons more questions I'd want to ask, mostly technical, but if you could answer any of these four that would awesome!
    Thanks for being the man at drawing unrealistic things realistically,