Monday, December 5, 2011

A new variant cover for Marvel and the second in a series I did for Spider-Man and Dardevil. I feel like this one works in ways the previous one didn't. Not to say it's without faults..... them's a plenty, but I'm much more satisfied with this one.

Things that work:

-Simple sky (sans clouds or other flourishes). Too much background detail. Had to keep that portion as simple as possible, hence the huge sun.

-Spidey's mask. Never quite understood why it's always tucked perfectly into his shirt. It's a separate piece right? Seems to me like he be constantly fiddling with it, like a dress shirt that's just too short to stay tucked in your pants.

Things that don't work.

-Pigeons. Mostly because I hate birds. You can't tell what they're thinking....

-Spidey's right leg. Just looks off to me.


  1. Your version of Spidey has always been my favorite.
    Just bought Batman Noel! I had no idea it was out! Beautiful artwork and just as beautiful story. Love the Bob Kane grave on the back cover.

  2. Love the little things you did w/ Spidey's costume from the random webbing to the loose fit around the edges. Personally, I always thought there was elasticity there to keep it tighter around him. Ha, ha.

    The randomness to the webbing just adds to the organic quality of a real spider too.


  3. Hey man I just discovered your work and I have to say I love it! The way you make their costumes look like real clothing gives a fresh depth to the hero's. I think you nailed it with spidey and his mask and shirt. GREAT WORK!

  4. Look to the Spidey, too amazing!!!!! Murdock then with all the bends on his tight suit, fantastic! Really marvelous!