Thursday, February 11, 2010

Human Targè

Looks like this cover was released to the general public, which means I FINALLY have something new to post. I really dig the character, and I also enjoyed the hell out of the covers Tim Bradstreet did for the Vertigo Human Target series. In fact, I like them so much I had a hard time not picturing them while trying to come up with layouts. Bradstreet is a tough act to follow. Honeslty, though, the biggest challenge of doing this cover was literally not knowing what the main character was going to look like. There was no visual information for me to go on other than some stuff I had seen online about the new HT TV series (and no one was even sure if that would be the model to follow). Since I started out in this business doing licenced product work, I know that sometimes these things just need to get done, regardless of how little information you have. Sometimes, it even makes the project more fun. This was the case on Human Target.

Personally, I love not being beholden to an exact model or visual. I enjoy an assignment more when I get some basic parameters and am allowed the space to do my thing. The only art direction was to go a bit 007 with it and that was all the info I needed. BIG props to my brothers over at Wildstorm for pushing through my idea to place the tag line over the figure as a graphic design element. We decided it would be best to do it digitally, though, and leave the art untouched just in case. It all seemed to work out in the end, which makes me a happy camper. Looking forward to seeing the show.


  1. Great to see some new stuff! Really diggin on the jacket!

  2. Dammit,i love your cover B/W.

    I saw an upcoming hardcover graphic novel on Amazon called "Luthor". What this is? Is it just a hardcover of Lex Luthor: Man of Steel? or is it something new?

  3. waaaa!! You're a master man! I like a lot your work, specially the ilustrations. I got amazed when I read the comic of Joker. The expresions of the characters, the page compositions,etc... are awesome. I think you captured very well the essence of joker. Congratulations!
    And what can I say about this ilustration... It's excelent! You control very well the anathomy, I only have good words for you!

    ^_^ I send you greetings from Spain!!

    Bye Bye.


  4. Your work is so amazing. Do you use inkwash for the shading, or pencil? Just curious because I love your technique and want to make mine better. lol

  5. Sorry guys, very behind in responding to posts. Thanks all for the kind words. Friedrich!!!! Hey man!! Luthor is going to be a hardcover of Man of Steel. I will be talking more about this in the coming months here, giving everybody particulars that I can't talk about now ,) Hi Cristina, I had a great time in your beautiful country last November when I went to Sevilla. Randy, I use both pencil and inkwash. Generally I lay down the pencil shading first, then applying wash over it, but sometimes I go straight to wash.

  6. Thanks for your reply. I can't wait to buy this HC.


  7. Hi
    I put you drawing in my blog,

    Hope you dont mind...