Saturday, January 9, 2010

clowns still scare me

Been so long since I've posted I almost forgot my password to login. The big 'L' is planted firmly on my forehead, I might as well just tattoo it there. Still not much new to post until a few things hit the stands. Got a DMZ piece to show in a few weeks as well as another cover featuring one of my favorite pulp characters. Graphic novel is coming along, slowly (understatement) but surely. It's by far the most 'complete' piece of work I've done.. not sure if that will a good thing or a bad thing. Oh and here is a pic of the amazing Mark Chiarello holding the Wednesday Comics hardcover!!!!

The Carnevale poster was something I did a couple months ago for my father in law, who works in conjunction with the committee that runs Carnevale in the little town my wife was born in, Castelnovo Sotto. The Graphic design was done by Mauro Corradini, who also provided the desing work on the covers to Hellblazer 244-246. The guy is a fantastic local graphic designer and friend. These posters will be plastered all around the cities in the area this month, which will be bizarre to say the least. It's so colorful it almost hurts my eyes, but then again it's Carnevale...whattayagonnado.


  1. "Mostra del fumettista LEE BERMEJO presso Chiesa della Madonna" Wow!

  2. Sweet! I know it isn't your preferred palette ( at least what I think it might be ) but it looks like you were very comfortable using it. Just fantastic!

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  4. I've got my Wednesday HC ordered and just waiting for my Guy to swing by and deliver it. Do we know when it's being released?

  5. Very nice. I hate clowns too.

    As a graphic designer who is very interested in comic books, it's great to hear that Graphic Designers can do work in the comic book industry.


  6. WoW!! Veramente un bellisimo manifesto!! :)

  7. Is there anyway to get a copy of a poster at a con? It would be a great additon to the collection.

  8. Dear Lee,

    My name is Pablo and I'm one of the event managers at Unicomic, the comic-book show held at the University of Alicante, Spain. Unicomic is quite different from your average convention. Our show is more of a Q&A panels and talks show rather than a marketplace. We like to think that we started Unicomic based on the idea of making a show where fans and guests can meet and greet in a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

    I would love to extend our invitation to this year’s show. The dates for our show are the 25th, 26th and 27th of March. Of course we’d take care of flight tickets, hotel, meals, etc. If you’re available on those dates we’d love you to come, it’d be nice to have a cold drink sitting on a terrace by the marina enjoying the lovely weather.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards.


  9. Hey all, answers: Dogboy, I believe the Wednesday Comics collection comes out in June, but don't quote me on that. Marko, the Carnevale organization actually printed up beautiful lithographs and as soon as possible I will try to get a hold of a few and make them available here. Stay tuned.... Pablo, sorry for the delay. Expect an e-mail shortly.