Friday, August 7, 2009

That's SO old....

OK, maybe not that old but this sucker has a couple years on it at least. Did this for my pal Ale Garza. He and super talented, writer extraordinaire Allen Warner created a book called Skyrunner for Wildstorm and I was tapped to do a variant cover.. probably more because I was cheap and available than my ability to sell books ,). This cover was a blast!!! WAAAYYY more fun than I thought it would be. See, I've never felt like I had a thing for fantasy. I was never particularly interested in it as a sub-genre.... it just never grabbed me the way it did many of my friends. This cover changed my mind and I hold it directly responsible for this hankering I have to do some sort of weird fantasy project. Damn you Ale.... first you allow me to be comfortable with my love of eighties cock rock and then you turn me on to elves and orcs and shit..... bastard.


  1. That is sick, look at the texture on that... wow.

  2. damn thats tight.
    scale skin all penciled aswell ?
    thats why your one of my favs

    much respect.

  3. Lee, as I and every single member of the AZ Mafia will attest, I'm glad you don't do more variant saves us money! :-) Well done man, as always. Hope your trip home from SDCC went well, and that you will be posting more of your commissions. The Thing/Doom piece was phenomenal.

  4. Hi Lee,

    What technique did you use to achieve the elephant type skin and tones throughout the front character?


  5. Hey Lee Bermejo,

    Your work is absurdly good!!! The use of light & shadow and textures really brings yours figures to life! I'm also curious about the process on this piece, and how long it took :)