Monday, August 10, 2009

Page 5 black and white, complete with chubby Super-baby. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself at the fact that I got to do my version of Superman's origin. It was definitely a blast. I've heard the criticism that almost everybody knows Superman's origin so why does anybody need to see it again. Funny thing is, I've found, though, is that some people outside the world of comics still aren't quite sure. Contrary to popular belief, not everybody out there has seen the first Superman movie, and even more, other people I've spoken too get his origin confused with those of other super heroes. Sometimes even I forget that a large percentage of people aren't into this stuff ,).

All this aside, it was fun just trying to re-visualize the world and people of Krypton. It brings up interesting questions about Supe's costume. Is it supposed to be Kryptonian, or did Ma Kent stitch it up for him? I've seen both explanations, and I like to side with the supposition that it's Kryptonian clothing, hence all the other Kryptonians walking around in what essentially look like superhero costumes. Barbara really did a bang up job coloring this one. She brought that last panel to life.... If any of you were bothered by the printing, be sure to check out the file on the USA Today page.


  1. My favorite page so far. Awesome colorful Krypton & Ship! Other takes are cool but its nice to go back to something more colorful and positive.

  2. Amazing...don't know what to say more. You can feel the magic in it. You have my vote ,)

  3. Amazing, absolutely amazing. As a learning artist (and every time I look at your artwork I feel more and more like I have lots to learn), I look at this page and lots of questions raise into my mind... for instance, how did you manage to do the reflection effect in panel 5? Or to draw the explodintg Krypton?

    Congratulations Lee, ehere's someone who looks up at you as his "model artist"! Wish I could draw as well as you do