Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Superman strip in USA Today!!!!!


Now THIS is exciting news to me!!! Yeah, yeah, so I'm probably a bit biased in this case but I'd much rather have more of this kind of thing in our industry as opposed to bringing dead characters back to life about once every year or so and making a big deal out of it. It's like this, folks.... anything that broadens how people can see comics is a positive thing for the business. I'm pretty proud to be part of this (not to mention grateful!!!), and hope that we can at least get a few people to walk into a comic store out of curiosity. Definitely need to give a huge amount of credit to editor Mark Chiarello who is pulling the reins on this crazy bronco. It's his brainchild and I'm happy to see something he's responsible for getting national media coverage.
Enough of the soapbox! In honor of this, here is the black and white version of page 2. Again, DC unveiled this a while back on their blog in color, so hopefully a few of you (and I stress a few) will get a kick out of seeing the pencil work. Always fun to do Gotham City....


  1. seriously amazing, man! A+++
    And honestly, I'd LOVE to see you do a book only in black/white/greys... -jasn

  2. That looks awesome, man! Your work on Joker was great as well :-)

  3. It's obvious you haven't fallen out of love with the medium, like so many other contemporary artists have done. Your art is great because, while it maintains the veneer and pristine caliber of classical illustration, it never omits the "Wow" factor of pure comic art. Exceptional work.

  4. Hey Lee!

    AMAZING stuff man! Congrats on the USA Today and the Wed. Comics. Hope to see you at Comiccon!

    Ryan Odagawa

  5. Quick responses: Thanks all!!! At some point I WILL do a black and white project. It's been on my mind for some time. Vanderwolff, I REALLY appreciate the observation, well written and flattering sentiments. Ryan!!!!! Hey man! See you this week!

  6. Vow! It's fantastic work! Really, very impressive...