Saturday, June 13, 2009

Never be Andy McKee

So here's the first post on this new adventure called blogging (or in my case just talking out of my ass). Since I feel like I'm the last person on Earth to start one of these things, let's just jump right into some art and skip most of the banter.
I did this piece a few years ago, and recently dug it out to throw on some quick colors. In most of my cover work, I've tried to achieve something of a painterly look, but find myself growing a bit tired of it. I'd still like to try and take a similar approach to my drawing but leave the colors a bit flatter and simpler. The goal is that the stuff will come off as a bit more graphic and less soft.
I'm also a big fan of off kilter colors. This is probably the result of spending so much time initially trying to keep pieces within some kind of 'realistic' color scheme. It's time for some painful exploration to push the work in another direction. Hopefully this blog will give me a good excuse to play around like this.


  1. I really like your painted covers but I do feel they lack a bit of the power your drawings have. I think loosing the angularity to the softness of the paint seems a little less "you".

  2. Yo Lee!
    Its jon from San Diego, your superman stuff is looking great. Are you going to SD con this year? Shoot me an email and let me know. Id love to get together if you are