Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TODAY the day. The book is out. All sorts of interviews popping up across the web. Feels like giving birth (somewhat painful but joyous as well). I'll be happy when the kid has a few months on him and is sleeping through the night.

UPDATE: This is a really nice review over at Aint it Cool News!!!


  1. Just a note of thanks for a great book. It was a wonderful take on one of my favourite stories. The art was sublime and the story did an amazing job of playing with Batman's past and future. Bravo.

  2. Great! : )
    I'll buy it soon!

    do you remember me at Lucca Comics? I was in your showcase, and I asked to you: "can you adopt me?" he he... I was joking, of course ; )

    You're very great! It was a pleasure to meet you!!

  3. I bought "Noel" on Saturday from OK Comics in Leeds, UK. Best thing I've read in decades. Truly beautiful to look at too. A really good job, very very well done.

  4. HI Lee-Thank you for the inspirational artwork-may I ask you a few questions?

    -What media do you use? Do you use a Wacom Cintiq?

    -What drew you to Italy?

    -What artistic choice did you make in keeping Batman in high realism and the protagonist in a caricature style?

    -Is Norman Rockwell an inspiration?

    Thank you, TRev

  5. I was really looking forward to this, and you didn't disappoint. Great job!

  6. Read Noel and loved it! Beautiful art throughout and the Catwoman scenes were awesome. That two page sequence of Batman falling combined with the flashback to his parents, WOW. I could see that as a print or poster on my wall it was so stunning.

    I read your response to my last comment and hope DC sends you a Joker statue soon. It blew me away how it and the Batman piece translated your style so well.

  7. Wonderful book all around. I wrote a review on my blog:

    Thank you for a wonderful story and work of art that will make fans of Batman AND Dickens VERY PROUD