Friday, October 21, 2011

Page 19

Hopefully by now people have seen the Noel preview. Here's a page in black and white. I'll be doing this quite a bit after the book is released, but we'll start slow. Every page was done fairly traditionally: pencil, ink, and more pencil. Some wash over areas to push certain values a bit darker and some sepia and red colored pencil for skin tones. An important change I wanted to make in the style of this project was to push the cartooning a bit more. Will Eisner was a huge influence, as was the insurmountable Norman Rockwell. I find that a bit of exaggeration here and there adds an element of playfulness that fully rendered, stark realism just can't provide. Rockwell was the master of that.


  1. This page is great! I love the expression on the mans face and the overall design of him. As usual your Batman looks fantastic, and the page layout reads really well.

    Your rendition of Batman is probably my favorite interpretation of him. It looks so practical but doesn't lose the essence of the character.

    I'm really looking forward to reading this project!

  2. I'm a lil bit worried hearing your style gonna be more cartonish, still I believe you know what you doing, mostly because those few preview pages looks astonishing.

  3. Have been looking forward to this issue ever since it was announced -- your black and white work just blows me away! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy...

    Is there any way I can get a signed copy? I've looked online, hoping to gift one to a special friend for Christmas, who is a huge Batman/Alex Ross fan, but I have been unable to find anything. (I gave him "The Joker" a few years ago.)

    Just signed up for your blog and saw your Captain America drawing too - gorgeous! I'm really excited in seeing everything you have to offer :)

  4. I am fan of your work! It is simply amazing!!! You are amazing artist!!!