Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mother, Country, and Apple Pie

Finally something new I can post. Mr. Alex Segura over at the DCU blog posted this yesterday along with some other new covers. Tried something new in my process for this piece. Really trying to introduce some softness into my work. Looking back on some older pieces, the harshness and angularity is a bit overwhelming. Although I'm wary of pushing too far in the other direction, I'd like to find a happy medium. Hards and softs that work together in unity without losing a sense of style.

In other news, got something fun to show everyone as soon as Superan/Batman #75 ships.


  1. As someone who hates Superman and feels the need to spit blow his nose every time someone salutes the 'S' sign, you've have made me momentarily want to cheer him on with this. That is amazing.

    This is absolutely incredible. Jaw-to-the-floor awesome. :D

  2. I saw this cover over at the DCU blog and liked it so much I came around looking for a larger version. The subtle flag imagery in the stripes and stars is a very nice touch. I'm a big fan of your work, and this is one of my favorite pieces so far.

  3. I personally think you found the perfect balance on Wednesday Comics, but your style is awesome anyway. Glad to see you posting again.

  4. this is awesome!!! and those two 'disturbed' illos, too!
    softness did bring an extra quality. i have to admire your willingness and capability to improve your already great work!

  5. I like so much, really awesome.


  6. I agree with guido. The texture of your pencil rendering is a delight to the eye and when you blur and fade it like this I think it takes away rather than embellishes.

    I'm a huge fan.(In fact your my favorite comic artist hands down) Love your work.

  7. Hi Lee,

    I must say I totally agree with Norman and guido.

    You're my favorite penciler too. Got every comic you draw. Recently bought your Batman statue and pre-ordered the Joker one coming up in February.

    Please don't get too soft. Love that harshness and angularity.

    I usually spend much time looking at every detail of your pencil when I look at your pieces. Not this one. Even though it does look good, it's very... clean.

    Anyway, you're the artist. You know where you want to go with your work. Just thought I'd share my humble opinion.


  8. I appreciate the angularity as well. The stark contrasts look great. There is a thing as too soft. YOU are amazing BTW.