Monday, May 3, 2010


Just saw the image of Thor from the upcoming film and thought I would post this. I really enjoy what Olivier Coipel did with the book, especially his rendition of Thor's physicality. He just looked thick, powerful, and rugged... a nice change from many of the pretty boy renditions in the past. The long blonde hair makes it REALLY easy to drift off into romance novel cover territory, and Thor can be a particularly brutal character because of those big wings on his helmet. How in the hell do you make that combination look cool?!?!?! Solution: stick to Olivier's approach as closely as possible. It's really one of the first times I've purposely set out to emulate the look of another artist for a particular character instead of trying to find my own approach. Of course, my stylistic tendencies are still evident and the homage to Coipel is probably not all that noticeable, but every time I look at this piece I think of how it pales in comparison to Olivier's stunning work. The moral of the story is that you have to stick to your guns and do what works for you.


  1. I'm drawing Thor right now, and seeing yours is amazing how a character can change so much depending on the artist who draws it. Of course mine is better! (just kidding :))
    Your work is so impressive. Like a lot his armor (I always think on it as a metallic coat, obviously your kinda leather suit works better). Keep the cool work.

  2. Extraordinary!

    Grettings from Mexico.