Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Came across this going through old files and found myself looking at it more carefully than some of the other cover images in the same folder. I think that the idea of drawing characters with tattoos is always more interesting that actually 'doing' it. The problem is getting the buggers to look like they're underneath the skin. At the time, I wrestled with adding another tattoo on her forearm but decided against it to keep the focus down around her torso. Gotta give it up to the fantastic Mauro Corradini once again for logo placement. This was the first cover that my editor allowed the the possibility to play with graphic design a bit, and without it I don't think the piece would have worked as well. Still wish we had been able to warp the bottom left hand corner of the logo a bit more....


  1. dude this is so awesome. love the hair

  2. your illustrations are superbly realistic do you often use photo reference at all