Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another commission...

Yup. Spider-man versus Wolverine. Who would win? (sarcasm button pushed and held firmly before burying his head in the ground sheepishly)


  1. So glad you started posting these! Your Batman commissions I've seen online are amazing. I'd love to see some posters and an art book from Marvel (and one from DC).

  2. WOW!! Amazing!!
    I want a Batman commission (jeje).
    Mr. Bermejo, You're a incredible artist.

  3. Very nice Lee...Spidey would kick the overrated runt's ass; almost as quickly as Clint would.

  4. awesome work! how do i go about getting a commission from you?

  5. Mr Lee...Greetings from a new follower here, though i've followed your work since Lex Luthor: Man of Steel. your work has a distinctive feel and unique that breaths a new air in comic medium and for that, i'm very grateful forever since it will be richer with ur contribution as an artist... and thanks for sharing your technique, so we can learn more about drawing itself... here's hoping one day u'll documenting ur workstep from scratch..that'll be some revelation!!


    Evan (Indonesia)

  6. Hey Lee! You rock!
    Hugs from Sevilla, Spain ;D

  7. hi lee , have any way of contact with you?
    i'm from spain, and i know you was in sevilla, but i did can't go because i was finishing my comic book about farescape: scorpius.
    wel i only wanted go to sevilla for say you thanks because your work inspire me alot of , really thank you.

  8. Hey my good sir ! Is there a way I can talk to you privately ? I have a project I like to discuss with you.