Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Page 10

OK, now let's talk about this nipple issue. Yes, I gave Supergirl nipples. Oddly enough, sometimes nipples show through when someone is wearing a skin tight costume. Does it sexualize her? I guess it all depends on the individuals reaction to it and their own personal issues. I read somewhere that it ruined the effect of this page for someone. I really must say the idea that something as simple and beautiful as the shape of a woman's nipple somehow damaged the effect of the storytelling saddens me as an artist and a human being. Haven't we gotten past this, or is it just the armpit of the American gene pool that find something like that offensive?!?! Are they gasping and pointing every time they see a woman in a tight shirt?!? Oddly enough, those same kind of comments weren't made when I draw Superman more 'realistically' in the underwear area.

Even more amazing to me is that the comments come from people who love and religiouly follow a medium that glamorizes and exxagerates the human body every chance it gets. I have immense respect for the human figure, both male and female, and as such, my characters have nipples, crotches, and hopefully everything in between.

All that said, what a blast to draw all those little characters and moments in Superman's life. In hindsight, I wish I had more room to go off here. How cool would it have been to have an entire page of that stuff?


  1. I think this is your best piece yet! Absolutley gorgeous!!!

  2. You should go off, man--this is your site, and more importantly, your work. When people get offended, it means you're doing something right. Never-ever compromise, but you know that. Me? I think the page looks great, and it works as a whole. Perhaps you should have your next story with Superman doing the backstroke in pool of nipples? Freakin' people.

  3. That tiny shadow? I can barely see it! I can't believe anyone complained about that.

  4. that is so freaking ridiculous...........actually it just more evidence of the Sexualization of female anatomy....the reason women can't take their shirts off in public which is totally sexist. Interesting point that there was controversy created over a tiny shadow of a nipple yet no-one complains over the blatant, constant exaggeration and exploitation of the female body in the comic book industry as a whole...where are our priorities?? Women reduced to mere sexual play things.........that's ok......what you drew a nipple????? how dare you...........i draw breasts and nipples constantly and nothing about it is offensive that is the point the female body is not offensive..........people can suck it!

  5. Bellissima tavola! Uno spettacolo per gli ochi ;) Per quanto concerne i capezzoli sono perfettamente d'accordo con te! Purtroppo a volte il fumetto per le sue meccaniche ha dei limiti scomodi.

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  7. Makes perfect sense to me to draw a slight hint of a nipple there.

    Based on the character's pose, especially considering her arms are somewhat raised stretching the torso of her suit slightly, it only stands to reason there might be a hint of a nipple showing.

    It's not like they're actually drawn particularly erect, ready to dail a phone or anything like that.

    Some people need to get a life, seriously...

  8. My favourate part is still your take on the first issue of the superman cover, and bizzaro of course! And supergirl is ment to be sexy so it makes perfect sense to portray her like this.

  9. I personally think it's awesome, though I think the reason why some might be offended is not because of the actual nipple but the fact that an erect nipple symbolizes that she is aroused. Some might equate that to she is turned on by fighting or even just the attention. That may make people look at her in a different light, rather than the 'All American Girl Next Door' that she is.

    Though as said before, the pose calls for it.

  10. hey Lee, I dont think that you sexualized SG in anyway. I mean cmon look at 99% of whats being published, most female superheroes wear no cloths except for something that slightly covers their boobs or something like that. Id say youre an artist that approaches his art with an naturalistic way of rendering, and in reality people have nipples. wheter some fanboys like it or not. To me its obvious that the person that said something like that is no artist, because then he would have told you how amazing the page looks especially that first panel, ehich I wish would have been on a double spread or a splash page.
    However this is still amazing! Thumbs up!

    Can you maybe tell me on what paper youre working on? Im working on 200gsm paper which is very smooth and great for pencil rendering but not so good for inkwash.
    Regards from Germany,